Friday, May 4, 2012

Interview with Women's Fiction/Romance Author Jamie Salisbury

Jamie, thanks for coming. Tell the readers something about you they may not know about you – something outside your writing.
J.S.: I was in training for the Pan American games – the equestrian events, Dressage to be exact. I was training abroad, and due to the political climate I had to abandon my training, and come back to the United States.
RMc:  You have a new book that is due out June 1st entitled Timeless Sojourn. Tell us something about it.

JS:  It’s about a woman, Anne who is coming out of a difficult divorce. Since she has no children or ties to where she is living,  her best and oldest friend convinces her to move back to their childhood town where she now resides. Anne does – moving in with her girlfriend until she can find a job and get settled.  She meets a man,  an artist named Geoff who rubs her all the wrong way, like oil and water, with his cocky attitude and swagger. But he finds her intriguing, and a relationship is the last thing either want. . .
RMc:  A relationship ensues *laughing*?
JS:  Oh yes! It is quite interesting, plus it has some other factors thrown in. It’s a May to December romance, but not in the traditional sense. *laughing*
RMc:  What made you write this?
JS:  *Laughing* A lot of things played into my writing it. So many of the stories I read about these types of relationships are so, so plastic to me. I had to write something real.  And that’s all I’m saying on the subject right now *wink*.
RMc:  Sounds intriguing. . .Your latest book, Tudor Rose. You did some major overhauls to this book. Why?
JS:  Well, first off I love this book. Love it!! However, it was more erotica than romance and I’d had some underhanded comments thrown my way. So I went back in and took a lot of the XXX factor out or rather toned it down.  *wink*
RMc:  The cover, tell us about the cover. You changed it as well.
JS:  Yes, I did. In fact I also changed the cover to my debut novel, Perpetual Love. On Tudor Rose, while I loved the cover and got a lot of good comments,  no one could figure it out (what it might be about).  So I changed it and I’ve seen a turn around in sales. It’s an awesome cover! With Perpetual Love, I did it so it was in the same line/look as its sequel, Perpetual Emotions.  Both of these covers (as well as my other two) feature Jimmy Thomas – so need I say more? Covers are ultra important, and having a good  cover  artist is one of the best investments a writer can spend. The cover for Tudor Rose as well as Timeless Sojourn were done by Fiona Jayde. She comes up with phenomenal covers!

RMc:  What do you have planned beyond Timeless Sojourn?
JS:  The sequel for Tudor Rose, which is tentatively titled “The Last of the Wild Ones”. There is also another book in the Perpetual series waiting to be done. I’m also doing some research for a historical romance. I’ve started it, but I want to make sure I’m accurate to that time period.
RMc: When did you start writing,  and is it your full time job?
JS:  Like you, I’ve always written. I think I seriously got started in high school while I was taking a creative writing class. I’ve been fortunate that all the jobs I’ve had involved writing to one degree or another. I’m fortunate that writing is my full time job, and trust me it is just that. I spend my mornings answering emails, going around the internet, updating, then spend most afternoons writing.
RMc:  You’re an indie – would you ever go traditional?
JS:  Never say never, but right now I’d have to say no. I have some projects up my sleeve – but right now I thoroughly enjoy being indie. A perfect story of pursuing your dream.
RMc:  So what does Jamie do for fun?
JS:  I love to travel. I’ve been fortunate enough this year to have already traveled extensively. I also like to ride horses. I just don’t have my own any more. I like to hike, camp and sail if I have the opportunity. Watch movies, read. . .the usual.
RMc:  Any advice for aspiring writers?
JS:  Don’t give up on your dream, don't let anyone tell you you can't achieve it (your dream), and keep writing!
RMc:  Thank you for stopping by, and good luck with your upcoming release! I'll post your links at the bottom.
JS:  Thanks Rae - and I'll have an excerpt from Timeless Sojourn on my blog.

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  1. Hi Jamie! Congrats on the covers and revisions. These books sound interesting and good luck with them! Series seem to gather a good following of readers and may your following grow!!