Here is an excerpt from my debut novel, Lovers Undercover: Impassioned.

“How would you feel about Wyoming? My family has a ranch outside Jackson Hole. No one will be there as they’re all in the Hampton’s.”
  He reached his hand across the table, taking hold of hers and pulls it to his mouth kissing the back of her hand. He gazed at her with a smoldering look, wondering if tonight he should pursue what his body and gut ached for him to do. “Whatever you decide I know will be incredible.” He smiled at her lustfully.
  The waitress interrupted the moment with their meal. Neither spoke for several moments lost in the pure enjoyment of their dinner. Logan poured another glass of wine for them.
  “I think you will enjoy the ranch Logan. I always like going there as a way to recharge. It’s isolated and pristine; the sort of peace you can’t find in the city.” She eyed him watching her as she was acutely aware of the strong sexual undercurrent which has developed over the evening.
  “What?” He asked as he too was intently aware of the unsaid that is transpiring between them.
  “Nothing, I was simply thinking on how easy it is to be around you Logan. I am quite comfortable with you.”
  “Thank you ma’am, I’ll take that as a compliment.” He teased, winking at her. “And might I add that I feel the same about you; you’re very comfortable to be around Scarlett.”
  The conversation continued until they had finished their meal and they left the restaurant.  
  Once back inside the apartment Logan poured them both a brandy and they sat next to each other on the overstuffed sofa.
  “Scarlett, I think perhaps I need to tell you something,” he begins eyeing her waiting to discuss with her what he’s been wanting to tell her.
  “What Logan?” She felt she knew maybe not the words but the context of what he was about to say.
  He leaned closer, taking her hand once again. “I know at this phase of our lives we are both beyond the game playing we did when we were in our twenties. I’m attracted to you Scarlett, a lot. I want very much to make love to you.” There he said it. Now how would she react? He kept his focus on her face and squeezed her hand.
Scarlett stared into his face, a modest smile crossing her face. She squeezed his hand back. “I would like that too Logan, very much so.”

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