Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fun In February!

February 14th is drawing closer! Lovers Undercover: Impassioned will be its debut then. So as a tease I offer this snippet of what's to come. . .

“Scarlett…” He called out to her noticing she seems to be somewhere else. Logan is aware there of an attraction between the two of them and is more than interested in pursuing her.
     “Yes, I’m sorry, what were you saying? The idea of this venue has my head spinning with ideas.”
     “I was saying how I love your plane, much nicer than flying commercial,” he chuckled, his eyes dancing with amusement.
     “One of the perks of having family money. It’s part of my father’s fleet. I simply lease one from him, let his firm worry about all the maintenance and such, and I receive a bill once a month.”
     “So you were able to get in touch with your girlfriend and we are staying at her place?” he asked, still looking her up and down as she sits across from him.
     “Yes, she’s in Hong Kong and was happy to accommodate. I think we’ll be able to move around much more discreetly this way.” She glanced over at him, and then forced herself to look away her body shivering.
      “We could take in another show check out the competition so to speak.”
     “Perhaps, let’s see what happens first.” She stared out the window away from his gaze. Naughty thoughts filled her head.
     The two take a taxi to their home for the next few days. Scarlett immersed herself in checking her iphone for messages; turning toward Logan she observed out of the corner of her eye that he’s doing the same.
     “I imagine your girlfriends aren’t happy when you leave town without them,” she prodded trying to get a response out of him.
     He looked up from his phone grinning. “I’m not involved with anyone Scarlett.” He’s still smiling as the cab stopped in front of the building. Holding the door open for her, he extended his hand and assisted her out. As they entered the apartment, Scarlett threw her Louis Vuittan bag on a chair in the living room and walked toward him.

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