Monday, January 2, 2012


2012 is barely here and already out the gate and I find myself in the trenches hard at work. I have two novels in the works. Which one will be published first in early 2012  is uncertain, probably because they are both exciting  to write! "Lovers Undercover" is already undergoing edits and "Midnight Rainbows" keeps evolving.
Searching for not only cover art, but images for the blog are also top priority. So many to choose...everything is a constant work in progress!


  1. Hi Rae!! Glad to see you on the net and getting your sites set up. Bringing a few friends along with me! Muah! Can't wait to see the covers and hear about the plots in your books. Don't keep us waiting!

    Thanks for all who stop by to check out this new author and what she has in store for us!

  2. Thank you Tonya! And thanks for bringing some friends along.
    Covers? Still looking for that "perfect" image.
    Plots? Coming up later in the week. . .at least for Lovers Undercover!